Manhattanville Coffee

Big City Coffee. Small Town Service.


Located in West Harlem and in Crown Heights in Brooklyn, we founded Manhattanville Coffee with the idea of creating a neighborhood coffee shop that would provide quality coffee and pastries in an environment designed to make everyone feel right at home!



We brew Intelligentsia Coffee, one of the top-rated independent roasters in the US. The coffee is sourced through direct trade programs that ensure farmers are paid fairly. Our staff undergoes training at the Intelligentsia Coffee Lab to ensure that every cup is excellent - every time.



We offer a delicious array of fresh pastries that are baked locally using ingredients sourced from upstate NY farms and meet the criteria to be sold at NYC Greenmarkets. Choose a classic such as our Cranberry and Cream de Cassis Scone or try one of our unique gluten free items.


BAGELS & More.

While you're here, why not try one of our fresh daily bagels available with several gourmet spreads to choose from? For bigger appetites, grilled cheese and artisan sandwiches fill out the savory end of our menu along with three different quiches that hit the spot wonderfully!